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Ref.: club-100

Bateria Eletrônica Club-100

200,00 €


(Todos os preços têm IVA incluído à taxa legal em vigor.)


A Carlsbro Club 100 é na verdade uma CSD100 mais pequena, com menos um pad de prato e um de timbalão e com uma rack mais pequena, tornando-a uma opção

Informação Adicional

The Carlsbro Club100 is a 5 pad, 2 pedal, small footprint electronic drum kit. Featuring one snare pad, two tom pads, one cymbal pad, one HiHat cymbal pad with a foot controller pedal and one bass pedal. This simplified kit is perfect for younger drummers and beginners, but also for drummers looking to save space in the studio or use as a practice aid that is very compact and easy to transport.

The Commander 100 Module includes 108 different drum sounds, 10 preset drum kits and 2 user defined drum kits, allowing you to create your own personalised sound. The Module also features 10 Demo songs, a record and playback function, an aux in socket so you can play along to your favourite songs, stereo headphone output and a mono line output to connect to an external amplifier.

The Club100 drum kit is also available as a package, including a small drum throne and a set of Carlsbro headphones, so you have everything you need to get started all in one box.

A natural choice to add to the increasing range of popular Carlsbro CSD kits. Perfect for Live performance or studio recording sessions. Carlsbro headphones and EDA30 – 30 Watt, EDA50 – 50 Watt, and EDA200 – 200 Watt drum amplifiers are available for this kit and all the Carlsbro CSD range.


100 Sound Module


Digitron display
108 high quality percussion voices
10 preset drum kits
2 user drum kits
10 demo songs


Aux in jack, Line output, Headphone output
Recording and playback facility
Metronome with time signature, tempo and volume adjustments



  • 1 × Commander 100 Sound Module
  • 1 × 7” Snare pad
  • 2 × 7” Tom pads
  • 1 × 8” Hi-hat cymbal
  • 1 × 8” Crash/ride cymbal
  • 1 × Bass kick pedal
  • 1 × Hi-hat controller pedal
  • 1 × Height adjustable 3-legged drum rack
  • 1 × Pair of drum sticks
  • *Bundle pack includes small drum throne and headphones*